Designing Organisations

A company is a living being. Its living cycle is conditionned by a proper constitution and a healthy development of which the entrepreneur has to care permanently.

Organisation design is about the life of organisation. An organisation needs to be designed for generating a healthy “life”, and its design has to be revamped continuously to maintain that healthy life. This book encompasses everything that is needed to give life to a company and to maintain its development. It is enlightening reading for entrepreneurs, organisational leaders and design practitioners.

Thanks to Naomi Stanford for your book and congrats to you, Naomi, for the process you patiently used to elaborate it. You made it a real project and have managed it consequently, calling regularly to contributors, among others, on Linkedin to challenge your work in progress. I am particularly proud to have been, one among others to contribute to this feedback, and particularly thankful to you to have mentioned it in your book.

Obviously, I urge every one wondering about what organisation design is and how to conceive his/her organisation to read this book  » Designing Organisations  – Why it matters and ways to do it well ».  Welldone Naomi.

Vous appréciez. Merci de partager.


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