Best Wishes for 2022

« A goal is not an end but a consequence ».

This is true what are the difficulties encountered and known in the crurent period.

The same goes for our resolutions.
Also and in spite of the unprecedented difficulties of the period and the unknowns of the year which opens before us,
wanting and acting are more relevant than ever.

Let us want and act.

The future, whatever it is,
is liable to us
for our actions alone.

Happy new year 2022
to each and all

A big thank-you

A big thank you to all those RéSolutions had the pleasure to support this year for the path we have taken together and on which we have grown together.

A big thank you to all those with whom I spoke throughout the year in discussions each time fascinating by their transparency and their commitment.

A big thank you to all the authors and contributors for the richness and relevance of their writings. Thank you to each of them for having accepted « RéSolutions Hebdo » to relay their articles and columns.

A big thank you to the many readers of « RéSolutions Hebdo » and their very kind expressions of interest in this publication.

Eventually, a big thank you to my students for having trusted me despite sometimes doubts and concerns about my level of ambition that I had for them. Bravo to them for their success.

Welcome to Your Desired Future, ReSolutely

Vous appréciez. Merci de partager.


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