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ReSolutions Weekly offers you its weekly selection of 10 articles selected, in agreement with their authors, for their interest and falling within the 3 areas covered by ReSolutions.

Through the dispatching of this weekly selection, we wish and hope to contribute to the dissemination of reflections and practices that we consider beneficial from entrepreneurship to economic and human development.

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In summary this week


1.  Integrate future thinking into  your business processes and decision making.
(Andy Hines, TEDxHouston, 2011)

2. La prospective, une ardente obligation du dirigeant.
(Martin Richer, Management & RSE, 24/10/2022)

3. 2050 – Quel horizon pour nos organisations ?
(Bernard-Marie Chiquet – interviewé par Usbek&Rica, 14/01/2022)


4. How to manage a company wih (almost) no rules.
(Ricardo Selmer, TEDGlobal 2014) 

5. Continuous learning and adapting with Holacrcy.
(Anita Klaver, Enreach, 18/02/11)

6. En levant le voile de l’Holacratie.
(Louis Bruhl, RéSolutions, 31/05/2021)

6. Who’s the boss? The persistence of entrepreneurial hierarchy in flat organizations. 
(Matthew McCaffrey, Journal of Organization Design, 2022)


8. Dix entretiens incontournables pour manager au quotidien.
(Francis Boyer, Innovation managériale, 12/03/2022)

9. Management bienveillant : de quoi parle-t-on au juste ? 
(Nora Léon, Welcome to the Jungle , 17/12/2019)

10. La bienveillance ou l’art de bien veiller, de bien voir et de bien donner à voir pour aider à la clairvoyance de l’autre.
(Louis Bruhl, RéSolutions,  09/01/2021)

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