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ReSolutions Weekly offers you its weekly selection of 10 articles selected, in agreement with their authors, for their interest and falling within the 3 areas covered by ReSolutions.

Through the dispatching of this weekly selection, we wish and hope to contribute to the dissemination of reflections and practices that we consider beneficial from entrepreneurship to economic and human development.

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In summary this week

1. Qui fait vraiment la stratégie de votre entreprise ?
(Frédéric Fréry, XERFICanal, 06/09/2022)

2. Where leaders should create value.
(Isabelle Gérard, Agile Leadership Coaching, 18/09/2022)

3. The natural foresight framework.
(The Future School, YouTube, 12/10/2020)

4. The many colours of wsdom: creating reflective leaders.
(Manfred Kets de Vries, 08/09/2022)


5. The IKEA Effect – Why people fall in love with their own ideas.
(Howie Mann , Startup Strategy, 09/03/2022)

6. Can one KPI monitor more than one goal?
(Stacey Barr, 09/14/2022)

7. Les RH face aux frontières instables du travail.
(Laurent Serre, Chronique dans Entreprises et carrières, 20/04/2022)


8. Getting things done.
(Gaetan Mahieux, 18/09/2022) 

9. Do you know your decision-making blind spots? 
(Jeroen Kraaijenbrink, 09/16/2022)

10. Les injonction contradictoires gangrènent le monde pro : comment les déjouer ?
(Thomas Decamps, Aurélie Cerffond, Welcome to the Jungle, 15/09/2022)

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