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ReSolutions Weekly offers you its weekly selection of 10 articles selected, in agreement with their authors, for their interest and falling within the 3 areas covered by ReSolutions.

Through the dispatching of this weekly selection, we wish and hope to contribute to the dissemination of reflections and practices that we consider beneficial from entrepreneurship to economic and human development.

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In summary this week

1. La rentrée de toutes les opportunités.
(Benoit Serre, ANDRH, Entreprises et carrière, 03/09/2022) 

2. Amazon can’t teach you much.
(Christian Stadler, 11/08/2022)

3. Réalité du monde du travail vs discours d’école de commerce : le grand décalage.
(Manuel Avenel, Welcome to the Jungle, 24/05/2022)

4. It’s your theory about creating a culture of innovation & agility that decides what you can (and can’t) see.
(Geoff Marlow, 07/09/2019)


5. Is it any wonder why we have a highly disengaged workforce?
(Wayne Nelsen, Keyne Insight, 09/01/2022)

6. Les 3 c de l’humain. Partie 1
(Loïc Le Morlec, RH Info, 06/09/2022)

7. Le systémicien, nouveau démineur de conflits en entreprise.
(Audrey BecuweGrégoire Vitry, la Conversation, 10/05/2022)


8. Quelle place pour les universités d’entreprises dans le paysage éducatif de demain ?
(Thierry Picq, Jean-Philippe Rennard, Richard Soparnot, The Conversation, 06/09/2022)

9. Hit the Mark: Make Complex Ideas Understandable.
(Matt Abrahams, Stanford Business, 03/29/2018)

10. The systemism of teaching.
(Walter Smith, 09/06/2022)

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