09/02/2022 – ReSolutions Weekly

ReSolutions Weekly offers you its weekly selection of 10 articles selected, in agreement with their authors, for their interest and falling within the 3 areas covered by ReSolutions.

Through the dispatching of this weekly selection, we wish and hope to contribute to the dissemination of reflections and practices that we consider beneficial from entrepreneurship to economic and human development.

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In summary this week


1. Design thinking must be futures empowered.
(Frank Spencer, The Futrure School – TSF – 08/18/2022)

2. What is organizational culture?
(Monte Pederson, 08/26/2022)

3. The difference between a strategy and a strategy framework.
(Peter Compo, 08/14/2022)

4. Are your strategic insights insightful?
(Chris Fox, StratNavAp, 08/14/2022)


5. A framework to discipline execution.
(Wayne Nelsen, Keyne Insight, 08/30/2022)

6. Curing the rampant waste in product innovation.
(Philip Lay, Chasm Group, 08/16/2022)

7. The Balanced Scorecard is na KPI measurement Tool.
(Stacey Barr, 08/02/2022)


8. Spiritualité, entre promesse et imposture.
(Sophie Izoard-Allaux, 28/08/2022)

9. Seven ways to put procrastination behind you.
(Manfred Kets de Vries, 12/21/2021)

10. Mal nommer les choses: la dérive de mots.
(François Cazals, XERFICanal, 06/05/2022)

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