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ReSolutions Weekly offers you in its 08/19/2022 its weekly selection of 10 articles selected, in agreement with their authors, for their interest and falling within the 3 areas covered by ReSolutions.

Through the dispatching of this weekly selection, we wish and hope to contribute to the dissemination of reflections and practices that we consider beneficial from entrepreneurship to economic and human development.

By clicking on the title of the articles that will catch your attention, you will directly access the full text of these articles in their original medium.

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In summary this week

1. L’analyse de la culture de Patagonia.
(Anaïs Raoux, CEO Wake Up, 28/07/2022)

2.  Foundations of leadership thought – part 1 : Hegel.
(Dr Richard Claydon, eqlab, 05/14/2022)

3. Create a future-fit culture. The why, what and how of future-fit cultures. 
(Geoff Marlow, 11/14/2021)

4. Les vilains petits modèles mentaux français ou la vraie leçon de l’affaire Orpea.
(Philippe Silberzahn, 22/02/2022)


5. Transforming the Employer-Employee and Employee-Customer Dynamics. That’s what matters.
(James Creelman, 08/06/2022)

6. Le diagnostic intégral : outil clé pour augmenter la performance des EMI.
(Jean-Louis Galano, Metisens, 20/04/2022)

7. Comment le Club Med a transformé ses vendeurs en « designers d’expériences » Interview de Charlotte Bernin, Directrice du Marché France).
(LeHub – La Poste, 07/07/2022)


8. Construire une présentation efficace. (L’art de la communication n°6)
(Eric Baudet, EB-Consult, YouTube, 07/2022) 

9. Your ideal vs typical uses of time.
(Dr. Nora Gold, 08/15/2022)

10. The optologics fractal – « Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else. » Leonardo da Vinci
(Walter Smith, 10/01/2018)


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