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September 19, 2019 – Resolutions Weekly

Resolutions Weekly. 19/09/09

Weekly resolutions of 19 September 2019 selection of articles covering the areas of expertise of resolutions.

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In summary this week


1. 29 technologies with high strategic stakes in 2019 according to Gartner.

2. How to harness the power of purpose.

3. What name of startup (or business) to succeed?

4. 4 tips to kickstart your customer co-creation initiative.


5. Psychological Safety: an important element of good teams.

6. 4 tips for managing organizational change.

7. New technologies and the impact on design job.


8. The one’s who-have all the results are obsessed with execution.

9. « self-confidence » (Charles Pepin).

10. The paradox of « I know everything. »

Synthesis of selected articles

1. 29 technologies with high strategic stakes in 2019 according to Gartner.
(Thibault Watrigant 09.11.2019)

Gartner unveiled its cycle of emerging technologies in 2019 that focuses on 5 major technology trends:

  1. Advanced AI:

1.1. Adaptive learning machine

1.2. IA distributed locally

1.3. Locally distributed data analysis

1.4. IA platforms cloud

1.5. Learning Transfer

1.6. Adverse generative Networks

1.7. Graphics algorithms

  1. The increased human:

2.1. Biochips

2.2. Methods personification

2.3. Increased intellect

2.4. Emotional IA

2.5. Immersive Workspace

2.6. Artificial biological tissues

  1. Computer « post-classical »

3.1. 5G

3.2. News briefs from generation

3.3. Low orbit satellites

3.4. 3D printing nanoscopic

  1. Digital Ecosystems:

4.1. Operations and processes digitized

4.2. Graphs knowledge

4.3. Artificial data

4.4. Web decentralized

4.5. Autonomous decentralized organizations

  1. Sensors and Mobility:

5.1. Cameras capture 3D

5.2. Cloud augmented reality

5.3. Drones delivery cargo

5.4. Autonomous flying vehicles

5.5. Autonomous driving level 4 and 5

See details in the proposed Slideshare.

2. How to harness the power of purpose.
(BCG, 09/2019)

Weekly resolutions of 19 Septembe 2019. The direction and vision

trong sense of purpose can unleash superior performance goal only if it is authentic, inspiring, and embedded Throughout The organism.

Purpose is a company’s reason for being white, beyond what it does, Makes, sells gold.
It’s the answer to the question: Why do we exists?

Purpose drives performance.
Purpose Creates a sense of meaning, inspiring employees and unlocking discretionary efforts to transform and grow. It Promotes strategic focus, alignment, and guardrails for decision making. Productivity and performance skyrocket as a result.

Organizations with a strong sense of purpose are more than twice as Likely to-have above-average shareholder returns.

Investors are notcing the strong link entre purpose and performance.

 »  Without a sense of purpose, no company, public Either proivate gold can accomplish achieve full pootential icts. « Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock.

A Plan to unleash your purpose.

Purpose Has the power to transform your organization, it must be articulated purpose, activated, and embedded to-have impact.

Articulate : A strong purpose Clearly Communicates your story and Drive a company to Become the Best Version of Itself.

Activate. Purpose without activation is just a slogan in a PowePoint deck.

Embed. Purpose must be integrated into every hand of the organization and That Work is never done.

3. What name of startup (or business) to succeed?
(Nicolas Wallyn, 09.08.2019)

Weekly resolutions of 19 September 2019.Quel name for the company

How is called the French start-up in 2019? (On the basis of u  TOP report STARTUPS 2019  produced by LinkedIn ‘favorite nuggets of candidates in France. « )

Of the 25 names of the charts, 52% (13/25) are Anglophone. Only four are French … A third of the names are « international (Latin, international or exotic). O nly 2 of 25 are abstract . The names are size « medium »  (7.36 letters, syllables 2.5),  comparable in length to the names of the CAC40 companies (8 letters for 3.15 syllables). However, the origins are very different from the  names of our larger groups, 25% are still surnames …

What concepts for the names chosen?

A third of the names directly describe the activity (as PayFit for example), while two-thirds have no connection with the activity, or only a distant relative (like Blade / Shadow or Alan). An approach that relies more on the emotional impact on the rational explanation of the offer. There are two major directions: descriptive English names (OpenClassroom), and emotional international names (or Cubyn Wemanity).

What names will be avoided tomorrow?

The acronym name, the exact descriptive name , which locks the company into a narrow activity,  the name malignant but falsely International … who does not get out of borders (see Expedicar),  last name … already filed abroad !

4. 4 tips to kickstart your customer co-creation initiative.
(S. Briand Medji, 09/09/2019)

Weekly resolutions of 19 September 2019. The co-creation with his client.

Selon co-creation is « the establishment of value attached by the company and the customer; Allowing the customer to co-construct the Service experience to follow Their context « (Professors Prahalad and Venkatram Ramaswamy In Their newspaper article »  only co-creating value with customers  . « Also termed as ‘open innovation’, the customer co-creation process is about communication and dialogue. It’s about getting feedback and input to Improve Existing products or create new products and services.

The purpose is to truly bring value and benefits to the customer by listening to What They need.   

  1. Make it easy for customers to Give Their input. Simplifying the process Would encourage more customers to let you know what They Really Think.
  2. Make it fun and interactive. Take a cue from IKEA, the furniture retailer Largest in the World Who lancé ‘ Co-Create IKEA ‘ Their successful digital platform in 2018.
  3. Do not just talk to your best customers. Be brave! Invites dialogue with customers Who-have used your products or services and-have less than good things to say about ’em.
  4. Start as soon as possible. To Ensure That your products best fit your customers’ needs, Involve Them in the design thinking process starting from the very initial product development course.

5. Psychological Safety: an important element of good teams.
(Forbes, 05/16/2019)

Weekly resolutions of 19 September 2019 not psychologically safe environment and their consequences.


Amy Edmondson of Harvard highlighted in a 1999 article, the concept of environment  » psychologically insecure . » She emphasized that in the hospital teams, the best teams against-intuitively were the most frequent errors.

The conclusion may seem odd: the teams were not committing more errors than others, but more emphasized mistakes rather than trying to hide them.

Freedom of expression . Without his latest book,  The Fearless Organization , Edmondson argues that today’s business is largely focused on talent, but that in itself is not enough talent for organizations to thrive. We need to create spaces devoid of any sense of fear so that creativity and teamwork are not stifled.

A stifled creativity.  Poor feedback culture can significantly curb the creativity of individuals, teams and the organization as a whole. This is an important point because it is easy to think that psychological security is only to create an idyllic world where no one speaks ill, where everything is positive and where reality rarely returns.

This feeling of security and confidence is important for the retention of employees, because the psychological security is a fundamental element of the employment contract with the teams. 

6. 4 tips for managing organizational change.
(Greg Satell, 08/27/2019)

Weekly resolutions of 19 September 2019. Key success factors of a transformation

Change is driven through empowerment, not mandated from the top.

Start with a small group. Leaders launch transformation efforts with a broad kickoff. It makes sense: They want to build momentum by early objective Clearly communicating. This can be effective if a ready consensus already exists around the initiative. Most successful transformations begin with small groups are loosely connected That goal has united by shared purpose. They’re made of people Who are already enthusiastic about the initiative aims are willing to test Assumptions and, later, to recruit Their peers. UNLESS people Feel That They own the effort it’s Not likely to go very far.

Identify a keystone changes. Every exchange endeavor begins with Some Kind of grievance: Costs need to be cut, for example customers better served. That grievance Transform into a « vision for tomorrow » that will not only address the grievance goal aussi create a better future.

This vision, HOWEVER, Rarely is achievable all at once. So it’s important to start with a keystone changes, qui Represents a clear and tangible goal, Involves multiple stakeholders, and paves the way for bigger exchange down the road.

Network the movement. Both Marry leadership at the top and the widening and deepening of connections through wooing – not coercing – an ecosystem of stakeholders.

Surviving victory. Often The Most Dangerous share of Any transformation efforts is When the initial goals-have-been met. So do not focus only one immediate goal aussi goals on the process of change Itself.

7. New technologies and the impact on design job.
(Julia Flower, 08 / 16.2019)

Weekly resolutions of 19 septebnre 2019; Evolutions of work.

What is the impact of new technologies on work and organizational structures? We-have always Experienced technological change, HOWEVER, the pace of change is different now. Surveys HAS Estimated That 47% of US jobs today will disappear by 2030.

These mega technologies are Likely to Dramatically impact today’s work. The implications are That preparedness is an imperative organizations Because no follow-have the luxury of Time That They Might Have Had in previous periods technology transformation.

How will new technologies impact thesis Job Design?   Job design is a process to realign Undertaken tasks assigned to job roles; to Ensure Jobs Reflect the organization current business operations, and are Meaningful and Engaging.

Development of machinery That can learn is the potential dramatic changes in task automation and for design job.

Some immediate initiatives are to Consider:

1. Review operating and business models to stay ahead of Evolving technologies and the changing nature of work.
2. Keep employee skills up-to-time ; Meaningful create, value-driven jobs and undertake deep-dive reviews to determine qui tasks are Most Likely to be automated in the future and qui skills sill be considers.

Disruptive technologies  will continue to change organizations , for MOST organizations this means clustering Creating Entirely new products and services; Refocusing and the value from  products to customers , this approach will be a key consideration for design organization.

8. The one’s who-have all the results are obsessed with execution.
(Tim Denning, 09/13/2019)

Weekly resolutions of September 19, 2019

Learning to execute will get you closer to the results you seek and take you there faster.

Here is what it takes to be good at executing:

  1. Not making a decision feels like death. Not making a decision or Saying it’s all too hard feels like dying.

Daily Execution Allows you to make decisions while you are alive INSTEAD of Hopping to make decisions one day And Then dying, and try trying to Complete the task of not acting are your goals from the afterlife.

  1. Make it a daily practice. Quarterly, monthly or annual execution will not cut it. If you are going to be obsessed with execution, It has to be a daily practice.
  2. Execution Becomes stronger than Avoiding failure. Execution trumps hope, beats overthinking and outweighs the right timing.
  3. Outside opinions do not matter. If your execution is based is anyone else’s opinion, Then You simply will not execute.
  4. The process is the goal. The point of the whole mantra is execution process que la Itself unlocks the results and to get better, faster, more superior results, you-have to double-down on Completing the process.
    Every time you execute, you get closer to the results. Every time you execute, you learn what works and what does not.
  5. Diversify. Just like the stock market, Diversifying the areas you execute in helps you gain in multiple areas of your life.
    Too much execution in one area causes the parts of your life That Lack execution to reach a critical spot.

9. « Self-confidence » (Charles Pepin) (Robert Duthy, 13/09/2019)

Weekly resolutions of 19 September 2019. Confidence.

Self-confidence is based on three pillars:

1. The trust in others.

Confidence induces just trust the other … and the ability to choose the « right other » and  »  cultivate good relationships  . »
Self-confidence is separate from the self-esteem that is a judgment on its own value where confidence induces translation into action, optimistic confrontation with reality.

2. The confidence in his abilities. This implies to practice, practice … Many! The hard drive will allow me to be  »  the best I can  , » without claiming anything else.

Some injunctions to succeed: Decide (no confidence in indecision … decide what is « dare to be the face of uncertainty »; Skip to action Having confidence means having confidence in! encounter between self and the world; to be  »  true to yourself   » (do we compare to us.)

3. Confidence in life. A trust that is the subject of a first lucid decision: replace the a priori confidence in the a priori distrust. A confidence « despite everything. »

Self-confidence is not being sure of oneself (which would not require a « trust »): it includes the course, it includes a risk-taking and the fact « to go » despite the risk, aware of the risk. Self-confidence is also lucidity and awareness.

10. The paradox of « I know everything. »
(Gregory Unruh Fernanda Arreola ,  09/2019)

This column was originally published on the website of Harvard Business Review France. Find HBR France on LinkedIn.

Weekly resolutions of 19 September 2019. The paradox of "I know everything."

And if what you « know » hindered you?

The veil of perceptual omnipotence, that feeling of being fully aware of our position in a context or situation. It blinds us. It hides the realities of the business and prevent us identify some opportunities. Now the world is too big and brain too small to accurately capture the reality.

The illusion of knowledge as psychologists call this sense of perceptual omnipotence.

The « umwelt » a cleaner world for everyone.  Each species inhabits a unique perceptual world,  a « umwelt », an « own world » or « sensory environment » .

Enhancing our ability to mutual understanding by the radical perceptual humility.  Assume humbly, from the start, that you will miss something important in each stance.

The radical perceptual compassion. When we begin to see the impact of the illusion of knowledge about ourselves and about others, compassion for the human condition is inevitable.

Happy reading and welcome to « Your desired future resolutely »

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