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S’entreprendre : progresser pour mieux entreprendre.

Leaders, check your ego.
(Patrick Leddin, 02/01/2018)

Le plaisir au travail : du savoir-faire à l’aimer faire.
(Francis Boyer, 12/2107)

La reconnaissance au cœur des processus humains. (Philippe Daly, 04/01/2017)

Pourquoi l’entreprise a besoin de la philosophie. (Benjamin Sylvand, 05/01/2017)

13 things you should give up if you want to be successful.
(Z. Cvijetic, 25/12/2017)

Change your intention to focus your attention.
(Caroline Webb, 11/2017)

The art of staying focused in a distracting world.
(M. Cordis, 08/2017)

Développer sa capacité d’attention.
(T. Melkonian, 02/12/2017)

Why every leader (and every one) needs a think week.
(Michael K., 27/10/2017)

Creating urgency amidst comfort – a leadership agenda for 2018. (M. Reeves, 29/12/2017)

Salarié, connaissez vous votre mission ?
(G.0. Carré, 08/12/2017)

Réglez-vous les bons problèmes ?
(T. Wedel-Wedellsborg, 12/2017)

This simple strategy will help you improve as leader right away. (Jonh Eades, 12/18/2017)

How to tell your business story in 60 seconds or less.
(C. Gallo, 12/2017)

A viaticum for OD consultant. (Post Human Interaction Lab, 03/12/2017)

On ne trouve pas sa raison d’être on la construit.
(John Coleman, 12/12/2107)

Brainstorm the worst possible idea !
(Nick Wright, 11/12/2017)

ABC : Audace, Bienveillance et Cohérence, pour avancer et faire ses choix.
(A. Le Helloco, 25/11/2017)

Let’s put ourselves in our customers’s shoes.
(C. Pedini, 13/12/2017)

7 key skills for successful negotiation.
(K. Kanodia,12/2017)

Communiquer au/en public… Rien de tel qu’une bonne préparation.
(E. Plasman, 10/12/2017)

Savoir provoquer la contradiction pour mieux décider.
(O. Sibony, 06/11/2017)

Why Trying New Things Is So Hard to Do.
(Sendhil Mullainathan, 01/12/2017)

Leaders, why you don’t get the feedback you asked for (and how to get it).
(R. Rosenberg, 04/12/2017)

Critical and strategic
thinking cultivates agility.
(Dr. M. Lippitt, 03/12/2017)

Cultiver son intelligence émotionnelle.
(Daniel Goleman, 10/2017)

Secrets of “Special Ops” Leadership.
(Gil Limonchick, 23/10/2016)

Unleashing the power of emotional intelligence.
(HEC, 27/11/2007)

La confiance pour réussir. Jacques Veyrat, le visionnaire fulgurant.
(A. Le Helloco, 20/11/2017)

Speak as though the whole world hears ! (J.B.Howroyd, 09/10/2017)

How to avoid drawing a blank in the middle of your presentation. (Fast Company, 10/08/2017)

S’encorder pour réussir dans la complexité.
(D. Hurbin, 14/11/2017)

One habit of mind shared by successful CEO.
(Adam Bryant, 16/11/2017)

Emotional capital. Why is it important for manager ?
(Insead, 15/11/2017)

Comment préserver la valeur positive de l’ego des leaders. (JM Philippon, 07/11/2017)

Comment garantir son employabilité. (Focus RH, 06/10/2017)

Bursting the CEO bubble (Hal Gregerse, HBR, 03/2017)

Check your emotional baggage before you negotiate.(Mikael Wheeler, 06/11/2017)

How you can like the most successful people in Silicon Valley (Leslie Berkin, 10/11/2017)

Fail fast, learn fast. (Gary Burnison, 26/10/2017)


Since your brain constantly compares you with someone else, try this. (Fast Company, 13/10/2017)


Getting 10X without the burnout. (N. Fleming, 24/10/2017)


Is it better to lean from people or from books ? (Amit Somani, 07/10/2017)


Développer sa confiance en soi (Destination leadership  – 07/11/2017)


La confiance en soi : your body language may shape who you are (Amy Cudy -Vidéo conférence Ted)


Culture for a digital age.
(Julie Goran, 07/2017)


Métiers du conseil, disruptons nous nous-mêmes. (A. Gangloff, 18/10/2017)


CEO : Are you the source of workplace dysfunction ? (RobertI.Sutton, 09/2017)


Executive coaches : who they ought to be ? (OD, 15’video, 12/10/2017)


How to decide with speed and conviction.
(T.Tunguz, 16/10/2017)


Leaders incorporate the views and preferences of followers
(R. Millar, 28/08/2017)


Vos décisions, avec ou sans émotions ?
(Michel Dionne, 14/10/2017)


Practice captain’s log (M. Sapone, 12/10/2017)


Leaders, soyez crédibles en étant exemplaires
(Leadership, 26/09/2017)


How to pitch and work with investors, according to investors.
(V. stettenbauer, 04/10/2017)


These expressions make you sound like you don’t know what you are talking about.
(Work smart,09/06/2017)


The 2 Mental Shifts Highly Successful People Make (Benjamin Hardy, 14/02/2017)


5 words and phrass that can transform your work life (Michael Grothaus, 03/02/2016)


 An Introvert’s Guide To Leadership
(Chris Myers, 14/09/2016)



Les dirigeants face au pouvoir (Jean Garcia – Xerfi Canal, 14/09/2017)


Pour gagner du temps (et mettre en œuvre votre vision*), tissez votre toile (et vos actions entre elles*).
(Patrick Bois-22 Septembre 2017)



10 regrets too many people will have in 10 years (and the reasons why and how these regrets will spoil them) (September 2017)


Systems of Engagement and User Experience Design (Geoffrey Moor – 22 Juillet 2015)


Eight decisive success factors for an employee engagement program (White paper – September 2017)


The war on talents is only just commencing (The digital transformation – 
05 September 2017)


Les 8 leçons de management de l’Inspecteur Columbo (8 janvier 2017)


10 jours de vacances. C’est en moyenne ce qu’un entrepreneur s’accorde comme vacances estivales.  C’est trop peu pour les gâcher.

(Les Echos – Entrepreneurs,  5 devoirs de vacances que vous adorerez faire)


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